Story of the world Vol. 2 Chapter 16 + 17

We are finally back in the swing of things and working with more of our curricula again. Some times it is good to take a little break just to discover how much you have even missed something. History was one of those things. We really love history and the girls have started begging me to start with Story of the world again. We had a very successful year with Volume 1 and Volume 2 we had started with, but with the move and everything it was just too much at times. We really love the activity book activity book that works along with SOTW and now that we are all back into it, it has been fun continuing our journey through history.
In Vol.2 you will discover the middle ages with your kids. Knights, Samurai’s, the crusades and so much more. There are endless extra sources and activities for most of these chapters and it has been hard just to pick a few here and there.

Here are just some fun things we have done recently.

One very fun activity, my younger one loved it especailly, was to build a stone castle out of rice krispies. This was one of those that might look better on pinterest lol. But we really had tons of fun building it, and it turnt out to be a delicious treat afterwards.




For this subject you won’t have trouble finding good books. There are so many to choose from. One that was suggested from SOTW was the three Samurai cats. Unfortunately it seems to be out of print, but you might be able to find it at the library also ( like me) or you might find it used. It really was a good fit for the samurai topic in chapter 17.




Another favorite book, and a favorite series I would really like to introduce (it really deserves it’s on post, that i will hopefully get together soon) is You wouldn’t want to be a crusader. This series is really amazing and so much fun to read. There are so many good ones to choose from ,some are even part of many curricula, including MBTP


We also enjoyed the story’s of saint george and some of these other books above. Really there are tons of materials and you could probably spent 2 years studying it with the kids easily, afterall most kids love knights and pricesses 😀 It also reminded us again of our wonderful time we had in Germany with our family. I am hoping things will somehow work out and we can visit again soon and explore more of Germany and more of history. Nothing beats learning by traveling ❤

Burg Cochem


Knight festival



9 thoughts on “Story of the world Vol. 2 Chapter 16 + 17

  1. My daughter loves history, too. Here in the UK were have a TV programme called Horrible Histories which is amazing. I’m going to look into the books you’ve suggested as I think they would be fun to look at.

    1. Of course we know them well !! I should have included them in the post. We watch a lot on YouTube and my daughter has the big box set lol 🙂 I also want to order the DVD set from the UK 😉 we love them they are hilarious !!!

  2. We are currently reading through The Story of the World “The Middle Ages” and looking forward to visiting some castles on our upcoming trip to Germany. Hands on learning at it’s best.

  3. Wonderful photos! And oh my, yes, what a living history journey to actually go where you study! Seeing your SOTW book brought back so many memories of the collective learning I did with my own going through that series and doing the fun activities alongside. A great series for sure!

  4. We are doing Middle Ages unit study and I still need a few hands on activities. Rice crispy treats castle, perfect, thanks!

  5. Do you happen to have a list of Usborne books that pair with Volume Two of Story of the World? Thanks

    1. Sure Amanda ! Since the 2.Vol mainly highlights the medieval times there is tons of stuff from Usborne actually. The most important one, i would say is The internet linked Medieval world. It goes almost exactly along with story of the world ! I didnt know that at the beginning otherwise i would have used it much earlier ! Its really awesome, especially with the internet links. . Depending on what age you are looking at there are some very fun castle books as well. . We always love the lift a flap books, even my almost 10 year old enjoys learning with these still . The bigger world history book is a great addition for homeschooling and history all together. That one goes from prehistoric times to 21st century. . At the end of story of the world 2, we are doing this right now, there are a few lessons about the Elizabethan era and Renaissance. Shakespeare is being introduced and we stopped to explore shakespeare and his times a bit more. We love reading from the collected story book and are doing our fun sticker book at the same time There are a lot of Shakespeare books to choose from. There are also some great books about explorers, and scientists, and also art of course. With the renaissance being introduced those could fit in nicely as well ! Hope this helps 🙂 If you need any further help or want to know more about Usborne or how to earn free books, let me know !!

  6. I just discovered MBTP , your blog has been helpful , thank you! I was wondering if you are still using it along with Story of the World? Can you manage both at the same time ?Also , other bloggers made it sound like MBTP takes several hours a day , you mentioned it only taking 2 hrs. Is this using social studies& science too? Do you also pick& choose which activities you will do & don’t worry about the rest? Thank you for your insight!

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