Bab’l Books Review : BILINGUAL BOOKS

I am always on the hunt for new, awesome kids books and I am very involved in all kinds of educational groups, forums and more because of homeschooling and my love for books itself. Recently in one of our bilingual groups, I came across an amazing new company called,  Bab’l books. Being bilingual and raising our children this way is something that has interested me since before their births, but I didn’t honestly know much about it back then. There was so much else to worry about at the beginning. Now almost 10 years later, I regret a few things, but luckily we are still succeeding in raising them bilingual. One of my problems back then was simply to find good material to use. I had a few options for german- english books from Europe ( Germany has tons more than the US) but it was still difficult and expensive to get them.

I want to thank  Bab’l books for introducing us to this amazing new series and give us a chance to review them. We have so many friends from all over the world that are growing up as bilinguals or even trilinguals. What better is there than growing up, learning multiple languages ? The advantages we can give our kids with this are almost too big to measure and since they will be reading colorful fun books, it will be just a normal part of their life instead of having to learn difficult vocabulary later on life. Nothing more boring than that.




But Bab’ls books is not just books. They have a wonderful website where you can actually participate and help bring books closer to kids worldwide, and you can be part of this by helping to translate some of them, in the form of crowdsourcing ( It’s multiple people doing the translation of one book. That is the key to having higher quality translations. On the Translate site, you can see all of our books page by page, sentence by sentence, and see the translations that people have submitted.) . We tried this out. and it has actually been so much fun clicking through the images of the books and translating a little here and there. You can choose if you just want to transalte a few pages, or a whole book. And you can earn points and then guess what… you will earn books !!

They already have 9 languages listed for most of the books and they are working hard to add even more languages.

The books are guided towards 3-7 year old, but even my 9 year old enjoyed the books we got to test out and read together. She has been asking for french books for a long time ,since this is the 3rd language she wants to learn and is already very fluent with German. Bab’l books looks for stories that have a lesson or message the author wants to share in a subtle manner. The story’s message needs to translate across cultures, like the importance of sharing, never giving up, or not bullying. Stories with universal appeal.


Think about it, more than 20 million school-aged children in the U.S. live in multilingual households, but few children’s books are available for smaller language groups. Multiple studies have proven the importance of bedtime stories and reading to your child over and over again. By having bilingual books we give children across the world a chance to connect ! By connecting languages, we connect cultures and with that we are on the best way to a better future for all of us !




Some are available even on amazon, so if you just can’t wait you can go ahead and find some awesome titles right there, some as e-readers or others as paperback edition. I am old school on this I guess, because I still adore the actual book. But if you are on the go and an active traveling family, these would be an amazing addition for the e-library !

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