Confession.. I am not a fan of Junie B. books but..

Here is my confession. I am not a big fan of Junie B.Jones.

With my first daughter I was lucky to escape this series almost completely. Back then she was in public school and I was totally confused when she brought one of these books home for the first time. Junie B.Jones did not turn into my favorite character at all . I was almost shocked the way the books are written…. no, I could not love these books. Luckily, she went on very quickly and when we started homeschooling her options of books got larger than ever and she started reading much bigger and advanced books.

Now my almost 7 year old has been an avid reader for a few years as well. She has burnt through almost all the Geronimo books, Magic tree houses and more. The other day at the library, which is currently still under construction and does not have many books out, she found Junie B. Jones… !

” Please mommy, can I check these out ? They look fun ” . My 9 year old daughter and I exchanged a horrid look.

I hate to censor my kids reading in almost any way. Of course I check for appropriate age etc, but as long as they are somewhat close, we are normally okay. The general rules, you know….   But Junie b ? Really ? Why ??

I had  told her honestly before that I do not like the books mainly because Junie B is a little terror in most books and that I did not approve of the writing style. Funny enough, on the first few pages my daughter actually spotted mistakes in words and grammar. She even read over some mistakes and corrected them incidentally. I pointed that out to her and she giggles : “Maybe this is a test for Kindergartners and 1st graders ?”

Oh how I wish 😉

She has burnt through a book a day, and she laughs and giggles so much when she reads them and comes and tells me the exciting adventures.

Junie B. will never be my favorite character, lol, but I guess there are worse things 😉





2 thoughts on “Confession.. I am not a fan of Junie B. books but..

  1. Oh dear, my kids are not fluent enough readers yet for those to be on their wish list, but I agree with you. I picked one up as maybe a fun read aloud and promptly put it back. But hey, how do you take away reading and giggles? You don’t. Loving your blog. Enjoying taking a moment and reading through.

    1. Thank you so much :)) I am okay with a few ” not my favorite books ” lol they are their own little humans and I am excited what they will cherish in years to come ;)) Thanks for stopping by !!

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