Oh ,what an exciting time to be part of the Usborne Books & More family ! In just a few months now I have fallen in love with this company and my team more than I could have imagined. We have loved these books for such a long time but now being part of all of it, it is even more fun and I get to see it from the business site as well. While that has never been a big priority for me, I have truly enjoyed sharing these books with parents and their children !

Here are just a few pictures of all the new releases , and some are already available ! If you are ever curious to find out more about the company or the books, or anything else for that matter don’t hesitate to send me a message ! I can not wait to review and show you some of these books in a bit more details !!

Look for the full catalog here  !! Or check out the shop right away  !!



The shine a light series has been a hit and everyone has been going crazy over the new human body book already !!


I ordered a bunch of these for me girls, I think both of them will enjoy it being between the ages 6 and 10…Exc


Bella & Harry Series ( Book review )


We were in a super rush to head out the door for the library again today and just last minute, I remembered to get a picture of these guys. So not the best picture, but hey.. you do what you gotta do 😉 !!

The Bella and Harry series was a lucky grab a few weeks ago and we were pretty excited that our small library actually had quite a few from this series. This was our second grab already and we enjoyed each one of these.

They are clearly  for the younger audience ( 5 and up ) but if your child loves travel stories I think just about every age would still enjoy these. I know my almost 10 year old had fun reading these with her little sister. They both just love these little Chihuahuas !  We have studied many countries through homeschooling in many great details and I love adding little fun stories in between just to recall some of the basic facts, these were perfect for that !

The little puppies travel along with their family to all kinds of amazing places in the world and get to have little adventures. Each page is beautifully illustrated and very colorful. The story is brought to life in fun ways with little dialogues between the puppies as they travel through each city and full of great educational information.

They would be a wonderful addition to anyone’s library, educational, inspirational and just a whole lot of fun !!


Check out some of the other books from the series, maybe Bella and Harry have already visited the city you have on your next travel plan !!

Read with dad ! *contest time*

In honor of Fathers day I am having a fun, little contest over on my facebook page !

During the month of June, post a picture on the wall of your kids reading WITH DAD !! postable_info_header (1).jpg

Let Dad take over Storytime at home, yes he CAN make that time ,and the kids will  ❤ Love ❤ it !

The girls  recently read two of Roald Dahl’s books front to back with their Dad, and they loved it so much. Charly and the chocolate factory will forever have a special place in their hearts, because Daddy read it with them. I know it is hard sometimes to make this time, really we are in the middle of renovations.. working almost till midnight every night..but reading to them is so incredibly important and this time will never come back ! Spending that special time with Dad is awesome, plus it gives you MOM’s a little break as well 😉

So let’s to this, let’s get Dad’s involved and let them take over the bed time stories, if even just for one night !

Come to my facebook page, share my page on your wall for others to get a chance and help me spread the love for literacy !! Post your picture of your kids reading with their daddy here and possibly  win an awesome Usborne book !!!