Oh ,what an exciting time to be part of the Usborne Books & More family ! In just a few months now I have fallen in love with this company and my team more than I could have imagined. We have loved these books for such a long time but now being part of all of it, it is even more fun and I get to see it from the business site as well. While that has never been a big priority for me, I have truly enjoyed sharing these books with parents and their children !

Here are just a few pictures of all the new releases , and some are already available ! If you are ever curious to find out more about the company or the books, or anything else for that matter don’t hesitate to send me a message ! I can not wait to review and show you some of these books in a bit more details !!

Look for the full catalog here  !! Or check out the shop right away  !!



The shine a light series has been a hit and everyone has been going crazy over the new human body book already !!


I ordered a bunch of these for me girls, I think both of them will enjoy it being between the ages 6 and 10…Exc


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