Kids Review: Samantha Spinner and the Spectacular Specs

Samantha Spinner and the Spectacular Specs is the 2nd book in this great adventure series.

Samantha and her brother Nipper are our two main characters of this action filled story. Samantha’s uncle Paul is still missing but has left clues to his whereabouts all around the world. It all begins with the gift that he has left for Sam. Purple Sunglasses. After the kids try them out they discover all sorts of mysterious messages and clues everywhere. On the bottom of the kitchen table they even find a secret panel, with more hidden messages from Uncle Paul.

A crazy adventures starts that takes the kids all across the world. It could be an easy adventures, if it wouldn’t be for the “SUN”, a group of evil clowns that are also trying to find Uncle Paul, to steal secret information. Sam and her brother have to hurry and the first to find their uncle.

I give this book 4 1/2 stars. It was a very mysterious and adventure filled book. Sometimes it was a little confusing because of many plot twists, that I had trouble following the main story. I really enjoyed the book and I can’t wait for the 3rd book from this series. I would recommend this books for girls and boys alike, 8 and up !