Magic on the Map ! Kids book review !

Magic on the Map
1. Lets Mooove

On the last day of second grade, twins Finn and Molly Parker come home to find a camper in their driveway. Turns out their Dad traded his old car for it so they could go on road trips. Molly and Finns Mom isn’t too crazy about the idea, so their Dad is going to return it the day after. The twins are too curious to see inside it before Dad takes it back so that night they decide to take a peek and  it magically comes to life and takes Molly and Finn on an Amazing road trip across the United States! The twins arrive in Colorado at Snowflake ranch just in time for breakfast. They also take part in a cattle drive and learn all about life at the Ranch. So saddle up because it’s going to be a long ride!

I liked this book because it reminded me of “ Magic Tree House “, it was also a fun read, the pictures are cartoony and there are lots facts about Colorado in the back  !

I recommend this book to kids who like “ Magic Tree House “ or are six and up .

Enjoy the ride !

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