Arts and music

We listen to lots of music around here, and all kinds of music. Daddy bookworm loves things like Rock, heavy metal music, to normal Pop, Techno and even some Texas blues like Stevie Ray Vaughan. I love classical tones, almost any kind of Pop music that gets stuck in your ear, Rnb music and so on. Really there isn’t much music we don’t listen to around here. Whatever and however the mood strikes us, that’s what we turn on. To me it’s important to let them listen to all these different sounds, and no matter how far apart Heavy Metal and classical music might be apart, there might be some similarities also.
Back living in Germany, it always seemed normal to me, hearing music in lots of other languages. My mum loves Italian music (due to our many travels), my sister loves Turkish Pop music (due to her husbands family), and because of my parents music store many years ago I was always able to find music from all around the world and found it fascinating. French Rap, Russian pop, Spanish folklore, you name it and I would probably like it.
Now living in the States, I just don’t hear all these sounds anymore and I miss it, but luckily we have the internet and are able to listen and experience the world in so many ways. SO lets make use of it and share all these beautiful things from our parts of the world 😉
We will share our journeys in Art and Music here,

Mama Bookworm

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