Painting Terra Cotta Pots

I remembered a fun craft from my elementary days. Painting clay pots. You can easily find them at the craft store, or even at the Hardware store, possibly cheaper. I found ours at Home Depot and I think the small ones were like $1 each, and the plate it sits on is a few cents. This is a pretty easy craft, and fairly cheap as well.Β  IT would also be a great craft for birthday parties, gatherings, co-ops.

The girls were very excited about doing this fun craft. While we were at Home Depot, we also picked out a few little plants that could live in the pots. Endless possibilities, you could make aΒ classroom pet flower, or make them as gifts, or just to keep some herbs in your kitchen.




Before we started we laid everything out and protected our furniture and clothes. By now we have a huge variety of colors, ( just buy the big ones from Michaels, when they are on sale) and this kids thought about their designs. As you can see our Jellybean was very interested as well. Never a dull moment here πŸ˜‰

We used Acrylic Paint and just lots of different brushes.


After we had discussed the designs, I pretty much just let them go πŸ˜‰

After a few hours we had our finished products πŸ™‚ Little Miss A did the stripe design and Miss H did the flower design. Lately her favorite color is blue.Β  Unfortunately our curious cats knocked Miss A’s off the window sill only a day after and it shattered into a zillion pieces. Sigh. It is hard to have any flowers in our house. Snickers is by far the most curious cat ever yet. Miss A was pretty understanding about what happened and Daddy stopped at the Hardware store again to buy a new one. Guess we will be doing this again πŸ˜‰ I don’t really mind πŸ™‚


Also , if you do plan to use them outside, don’t forget to use a sealer at the end !



Day 2 Crayon ART

I am sure you all have seen the Pin of the melted crayon art on canvas. I have had it pinned for months, and never thought we would get to it. But part of homeschooling is actually DOING more of what you LIKE again and even more important what your kids have interest in. So I told the girls about it, showed them some versions and we went for it. We have a huuuuuuge box of old crayons that we always go back to, for these kind of crafts. We did another one a few years back, melted old ones and created new crayons. SO NEVER get rid of your old crayons πŸ˜‰

I liked the versions, where the crayons don’t actually get glued to the canvas, so we took a little piece of cardboard and glued them straight onto that. I also loved the look of the crayons against a black canvas. After going to the craft store I was shocked how much more expensive the black ones were. My brilliant 4 year old suggested, why not just paint it black ourselves.I took a big brush and started putting on a nice black layer. The cardboard fit right above the actual canvas, and with our easel it just laid on top of it. The kids chose their favorite crayon colors and unwrapped all the paper. Next I glued them onto the cardboard.
We laid out paper and some old towels (yes this project can be very messy) and got the hairdryer. My husband suggested a glue gun and certainly something like that could work even better but a hairdryer was all we had. It took a few minutes to get it started but then the melting began πŸ˜‰

It was a lot of fun. Took a little bit of patience and it was a little messy, but overall a very fun craft ! The kids got a few turns holding the hairdryer, but they went a little crazy with it and paint or better wax starting going everywhere, so I eventually took over and just let them have short turns.






Day 1 Tape Painting

I showed the kiddos some of the projects that I had pinned and we also searched together for some ideas. I wanted to keep the recipes simply but also try some things I have been eager to try for a while. I have reached a point, where I have been bored with cooking meals again and I know looking at recipes always sparks my creativity. Often I just need some simple ideas and it will spark my own creativity to make some.

We decided on the Tape painting for our first Painting ! I wanted to make it to the craft store before we even started the week, but with multiple other things coming up, we didn’t make it, and I figured mostly we still had everything at home. We have multiple rolls of painting tape in the garage ( after painting 3 different houses in 10 years, you learn t o paint without it ) So plenty of tape to use up.
The girls loved the idea, and we used our bigger canvases. I didn’t want to paint along with them at first, but then reminded myself of trying to engage more with the kids and their projects. So we all started taping up our canvases !

I love chevron patterns a lot lately and after showing some to the girls they wanted to copy it a little bit. I went with my favorite colors of grey and yellow, my little one chose blues, with greens. My oldest went for very bright patterns. I love how unique each painting ended up, and it was a fairly easy one to do as well. My oldest and I spent a few extra hours, after peeling off the type and fixing some lines. My little one, chose that hers was perfect as it was πŸ˜‰









A week of Arts !

He have officially reached the end of our first homeschool year ! What an amazing year it has been πŸ™‚ But I will share more from my insights on that and on our celebrations on a later post.
We will pretty much school throughout the year, we have decided that a while back, since our schedule already allows a lot of free time (4 days on/ 4 off ) due to my husbands schedule.
We have jumped into a little bit of our new curriculum already, but I wanted to take a little break from formal things, so we decided on an Art and Baking week !

I pinned a few ideas on Pinterest, searched some recipes and figured the rest will come along as we go.