Chinese New year Festival

We are still super new to our area here in southern Oregon, and are still discovering new places, new events all the time. Last week I found out about the Jacksonville Chinese New years festival. How exciting, since we literally just discussed this with MBTP 6-8.

After being home for nearly a week sick, I could not wait to go. Unfortunately I overlooked the time for the actual parade and we got there only to see the end of the parade, we literally walked up the street with the last people walking down. What a disappointment. After a few minutes discussing our options we decided to still hang out a bit anyways and discover the town and maybe a few other events that were supposed to be going on throughout the day. Luckily we still found some fun and the girls still got to experience a little bit of Chinese new year fun ! They played some Chinese children’s games, made some crafts, explored Chinese zodiac signs and lots more ! It was a fun day !


Book review REDWOODS and the Tree Lady


Last week I grabbed these books at the library to read with the girls at home. Since the MBTP 6-8 Concept 1 deals with a lot of plant types, plant cycyles and also being mindful of our nature in general ( Giving tree )  these seemed a great fit.  Now that we live in Oregon I am trying to gather more and more information about all the amazing places that are just so different that anywhere else we have lived before.

Every so often you just make this awesome catch of books at the library, where you have a few books that you would just love to keep or just go ahead and buy them one way or another. These were just like that…

The tree lady is the story of Kate Sessions. A wonderful woman, who was one of the first women to go to college in California to study science. She loved trees and nature more than anything and made it her life work to turn San Diego into a little oasis.

It is in Balboa Park that the legacy of Kate Sessions is most obvious. She leased land in what was then called “City Park” in 1892 for a nursery. For this privilege, she was to plant one hundred trees a year in the park and furnish three hundred more for planting throughout the city. In 1902 she was instrumental in the formation of the park Improvement Committee with her friends George Marston and Mary B. Coulston. Their work resulted in assuring the park’s place in the life of the community.Kate Sessions died March 24, 1940. She has come to be called the “Mother of Balboa Park” and a bronze statue of her was erected there in 1998.

The book is beautifully illustrated  and it’s just one of those books you wish you would have read before or even better, you end up longing for actually going back in time and meeting this amazing lady. It is a beautifully written book about a lovely person who clearly deserves to be recognized for her amazing work and dedication. It is incredibly inspiring, especially for young girls.


And then there was the REDWOODS book.

A book that shows a little boy walking and day dreaming with his book in his hands, the book you are holding, the book about the REDWOODS. The book is once again beautifully illustrated ,the charming little pictures of the animals and especially the little cute squirrel my daughter had discovered after a few pages are just adorable.  It even shows the magnificent DRIVE TRHOUGH REDWOOD which made it so much clearer how big some of these trees really are. We loved how it referred back to the roman times to explain again how old some of these trees really are. The details and information given was more than I really expected from a picture book, and I think it will take a few more times to fully understand each bit of it. The whole ecosystem of the redwoods is simply amazing and it is so important we learn more about it.  I am beyond excited about the summer, it will be an unforgettable little trip to go there and see these giants for real !

This is the place we have picked out for on of our first adventures here.

If your hungry for more…

More about the REDWOODS

And a wonderful video that shows almost exactly what is described in parts of the book.How the scientists literally have to climb up these giants to confirm or do any research at all. My daughter thought it was funny that a scientist would have to learn how to climb trees in the first place to even do the research.. who would have thought that can be important 😉 Maybe another homeschooling benefit hidden here ?! 😉

Anyways hope you enjoyed today’s journey through the trees !

Fieldtrip time… the adventures of Sherlock Holmes

The coolest thing about living near a big city is clearly having great opportunities to see and experience many things. We have many amazing museums in the Dallas area and many wonderful exhibits have come to town. In the two years we have now lived here we have switched up our memberships, a different one each year, and we have been trying to make the most out of our visits and see as many as possible. We do a lot of things with our homeschool groups, but we also try to do many field trips as a family, it is something we have always done and we really enjoy talking with the kids about everything and really experiencing it together. Always such great memories.
So this time we discovered the adventures of Sherlock Holmes at the Perot museum in Dallas. I didn’t read up about the exhibition much before, but I pretty much knew it should be an exciting one ,especially since my oldest loves Nancy drew books so much, this should be right up her alley.

When we arrived at the museum I was a little shocked to see groups of kids from daycare and schools, luckily the museum really is so big, even with large groups, all you need to do is pick a different level to start and make your way through. It is nice to see that in this school district some kids still get an opportunity to see museums and other places during the school day schedule. Something that would have never happened much in our old school district. I still have to laugh though when people tell me our homeschooled kids, don’t get socialization or the opportunities to go do things. We are doing more than ever now with homeschooling than I ever imagined, but anyways…back to Sherlock Holmes.

In the first room, we got an introduction into detective work, some medicine practices and also a little bit of history about the Author of Sherlock Holmes Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Amazing were the many photographs from London from old times and it connected with some great books and other studies we had done in the past. Of course since my husband and I had traveled to London last year, it was even more amazing to see some of those old pictures.
Throughout the exhibition we had a fun task to do. We each had gotten a booklet at the entrance and we had to find clues, get stamps and solve a very fun mystery ourselves. With our little one just being 5 years old, I was a little bit worried about some subjects here and there, but since she is really interesting in medicine practices and the human body etc she saw it mostly from a scientific point of view and there really was nothing to worry about. Instead we had fun trying to solve the murder case,  among other things we had to puzzle a statue back together that had fallen down, we checked sand tracks if they matched up with the suspects, compared poisons and in the end solved the mystery.





We spent a few more hours in the other levels of the museum and even though we nearly stayed all day, it wasn’t enough time to even see half of the museum. It’s always that way so we choose different levels each time, and every time we discover something we didn’t before.
Now back at home I would love to introduce more of the actual Sherlock Holmes story to my girls. I have found a great selection and hope we can add some to our library soon !!

We listen to Story of the world which is also narrated by Jim Weiss and I think this would be just as fun !!

And these little board books are a fun series even for the youngest. It makes me sad that my kids are too big for board books lol.. would it be crazy to still add them to “my collection ” 😉 ?!

Hello again

I haven’t written in a while. We just recently came back from our amazing trip to Europe which gave us so much in so many ways. It is hard for me to even begin writing about it, thinking of it and even going through the pictures because I already miss this time so much. Our days were filled with great people, great food and amazing places. Places with so much history and so much fun to explore. We saw lots and lots of castles along the Rhine and Mosel, went to several and explored them and saw Medieval towns and old roman buildings left from the past.

We visited green, lush forests and took long walks, explored small little villages in Bavaria and chased goats and geese around the fields. It was a picture perfect-homeschool-vacation.We bought so many books, souvenirs etc that I had to by several more suitcases to make it back t the states.

But even 6 weeks pass quickly when you are having tons of fun and before we knew it were back on our way to the states.

I dreaded leaving and the beginning of picking up here again after this time. Things felt different, traveling enriched us in so many ways. I know that traveling is such a big part of us. But it is so hard to leave your routine and just go. I have a lot of different thoughts on where and how I see all of us in a few years. Parts of me want to let things go and really just travel, then again I want a stable house and home. I hope for the future that I can figure this out, I know sometimes in life, there are some questions that only we, ourselves,  will have the answer for, and some day the answer will show itself. I know I need my family more than anything else in life and without them even travelling wouldn’t be worth it.

Overall coming home wasn’t that bad. The kids were seriously excited to start new chapters in their curriculum and since then we have spent many days exploring Native American history and culture with Moving beyond the page (8-10) and also spent some fun days with various subjects with my youngest. (5-7) We hope to plan a fun trip to a Native American community in Oklahoma very soon , but the holidays, weather and being-under-the-weather made us change some of our plans.

So here are a few shots from our wonderful time in Europe.  Each adventure deserves its own blog entry but I have taken literally thousands of pictures and it will be a little while to have them all up…

SO long… and thanks for all the fish…

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels
Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels
Inside the Pergamon Museum in Berlin
Inside the Pergamon Museum in Berlin

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Technic museum (concord)
Technic museum (concord)


Porta Nigra
Porta Nigra


Nature park
Nature park

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Knight festival
Knight festival
Exploring the romans
Exploring the romans
Puppet theater
Puppet theater
My hometown
My hometown
Burg Cochem
Burg Cochem
Me and hubby in London..
Me and hubby in London..
My family in Berlin <3
My family in Berlin ❤

Another visit with the ” Library” dogs

We went back to the Library today to see and read with the Therapy dogs. We had gone last month, and got lucky as we were almost the only ones that had showed up. Part of me was hoping for more people there today, another wished we could have all the doggies for ourselves again. We were running late but made it in and got tickets. Lots more people were eager to read with the dogs today, which made me happy after all, because it means programs like these are getting used and hopefully more and more will be available !

The girls only got to read to one doggy each today, but they sure enjoyed it. I always love talking to the dog owners, they share wonderful stories and it is always such a welcome note when they comment on the girls reading skills and them overall. Each time ,without  me starting the conversation it has led to homeschooling, and I was excited to hear from one of the gentlemen today that his daughter was starting her own homeschool journey with her 5 year old, and that him and his wife were fully supporting the idea.

It is amazing how much the community of homeschoolers has grown in the last few years. Even in the year that I have started, I have seen so many changes. I saw communities grow together in a few different cities, due to our move, and it’s just amazing what people can accomplish when they work together. Homeschoolers have more possibilities than ever, I believe. There are no limits !

We also picked up the summer reading log and are excited for a summer of little adventures at our local library ! Libraries are such an amazing thing. I have seen it through my kids, the first look when we enter a new library. That curious look,  and the feeling that a new treasure lies just around the corner. Discovering new books, new series, science books and so on has been exciting for them and sparked my own interest again in many different subjects. I remembered a long ago list of books I have been wanting to read. With the library your possibilities are open, not just for your kids but also for yourself !