The smash penny club

I bet all of you have seen the “smash a penny” mashines at varies, touristy, locations. I have seen them all around the world. As a kid I used to collect them here or there, never with much thought behind them, and sadly I don’t know where any of mine from my childhood are. My daughters have started their own little collection now though, and we try to make sure to add lots to their collection every time we go on our little adventures. It started during our vacation in Chorpus Christi, which was one of our greatest vacations yet. So much fun, so many awesome things to see and learn, aquarium, beach, water, museums.. unforgettable times.

Anyways, we started collecting them for the girls and they would like to present their collection and share their excitement with everyone. We would love to see other people collections 🙂 Maybe somebody else is collecting them, or maybe you would love to help our girls collect them while you travel the world. We would love to make exchanges with you and your kids !!

So if you see a smash a penny machine, kind of like the one below here, please think of us and press a penny 🙂


For more info about pressed pennies and more click here :



Here is a picture of part of our collection. More pictures soon.