The Mystery of the Clockwork Sparrow { Book review}

Recently I told you all about my journey of becoming part of the Usborne Book family. It has been so much fun for me and my kids. ¬†I love children’s books and I love having an official excuse for reading even more of them ūüôā
While Usborne has an amazing selection for younger kids I was concerned upon joining about the selection for a bit older kids.  Those concerns were washed away with the last big release of new titles. I have been so excited to read this big stack of books  !! We have found many books that have made our homeschool days easier and more fun !

The Mystery of the clockwork sparrow is a really fun mystery for advanced readers, from about age 9 and up into middle school. ¬†It plays right in the heart of London in the Edwardian time era, so right before WWI . ¬†The book gives¬†a beautiful impression of this time , it¬†¬†shows the difficulties many people faced and¬†also gives you an idea how this time modernized their lifestyle.¬†We meet several characters in this ¬†mystery but the main character Miss Sophie together with Miss Lilian Rose stand out with strong heroic character traits. Both girls meet when they start working at the newest Department Store London has to offer. It is one of the hottest, new places and the whole city is waiting anxiously for the big opening ceremony and all of London’s high society is invited. The whole store works nearly around the clock to have everything beyond perfect.

Our main character Miss Sophie starts her new l¬†working life in the millinery department.¬†While not everything is as easy as it might could be ,she is loving her job and also starts making friends throughout the big store. But even before the big event, the actual opening of the store, things take a bad turn. There is a huge break in, and Sophie and her new friends get caught in the middle of the mystery. Together with the help of her new found friends, they continue to find out the truth about the robbery, the mysterious clockwork sparrow, break secret codes, and also stumble right into the arms of one of London’s biggest gang and it’s leader ” THE BARON “.

The book is about 300 pages + long and only contains a few pictures here and there. Overall it is written in a fun and easy to follow way, but the plot does take a few turns which might make it harder for younger readers to follow through. While a good mystery is certainly for boys and girls, I think girls would possibly enjoy this quite a bit more since our main character works in the fashion department and a few fun facts about hats and other fashion attire is also shared in between.

I wished the book would contain even more details about the time era and London itself, but after all this is still a kids novel and too much info like that would take away from the story itself. Both my girls ( 7 and 10 ) love a good mystery and I am very excited for them to start reading this series. They both have read many stories from the Famous Five, Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys. This will be a refreshing book for my little detectives !

I love combining great books with real life time events and places , this book gives a great opportunity to dive deeper into this time era .They possibly have no idea that department stores originated in the UK ! So why not talk with your kids a little bit more about  it and let them connect more real history to this fun fiction novel !!




Oh ,what an exciting time to be part of the Usborne Books & More family ! In just a few months now I have fallen in love with this company and my team more than I could have imagined. We have loved these books for such a long time but now being part of all of it, it is even more fun and I get to see it from the business site as well. While that has never been a big priority for me, I have truly enjoyed sharing these books with parents and their children !

Here are just a few pictures of all the new releases , and some are already available ! If you are ever curious to find out more about the company or the books, or anything else for that matter don’t hesitate to send me a message ! I can not wait to review and show you some of these books in a bit more details !!

Look for the full catalog here  !! Or check out the shop right away  !!



The shine a light series has been a hit and everyone has been going crazy over the new human body book already !!


I ordered a bunch of these for me girls, I think both of them will enjoy it being between the ages 6 and 10…Exc


Read with dad ! *contest time*

In honor of Fathers day I am having a fun, little contest over on my facebook page !

During the month of June, post a picture on the wall of your kids reading WITH DAD !! postable_info_header (1).jpg

Let Dad take over Storytime at home, yes he CAN make that time ,and the kids will ¬†‚̧ Love ‚̧ it !

The girls¬†¬†recently read two of Roald Dahl’s books front to back with their Dad, and they loved it so much. Charly and the chocolate factory will forever have a special place in their hearts, because Daddy read it with them. I know it is hard sometimes to make this time, really we are in the middle of renovations.. working almost till midnight every night..but reading to them is so incredibly important and this time will never come back ! Spending that special time with Dad is awesome, plus it gives you MOM’s a little break as well ūüėČ

So let’s to this, let’s get Dad’s involved and let them take over the bed time stories, if even just for one night !

Come to my facebook page, share my page on your wall for others to get a chance and help me spread the love for literacy !! Post your picture of your kids reading with their daddy here and possibly  win an awesome Usborne book !!!


*FeatureFriday*Olga da polga * Usborne Books & More *

I have been with Usborne Books & More a few months now and still am discovering beautiful new titles so often. Today I want to introduce Olga da Polga to you !


When I learnt the other day that ” Olga da Polga ” was another title ¬†written by the one and only Michael Bond ( CREATOR OF PADDINGTON BEAR ) I just knew it had to be in our collection. We love Paddington bear, especially after our visit to London two years ago ‚̧ ¬†I had missed out an a great special ( it was actual in the customer special a few weeks ago, so pay attention to those) but I was putting in an order¬†¬†anyways so this one was the one I picked with it. At $17.99 it seemed like an average price for a good picture book.Sometimes I feel picture books are so much more expensive than the little chapter books, but really we get so much more than just a story with these ! ¬†I had no idea that this was actually all of OLGA DA POLGA’s stories and over 170 pages long and consists of 13 chapters, which really makes this a great deal ! The illustrations are totally adorable and the moment I opened the book and saw Olga’s cute, big eyes I knew this would be our new favorite book soon !


Olga would be a perfect read a loud for about 6 yeas and up but younger ones that can pay attention to a well rounded story I am sure would already love it as well. On every other page there are big, beautiful illustrations sometimes even over two pages that makes this super cute story come alive even more !





Olga da Polga is actually a Kane Miller book and I have come to learn just how special so many of their beautiful picture books really are. The book itself is also very sturdy and large (which make the illustrations even more beautiful , especially over two pages) and the hardcover binding promises for a very long lifetime. And the wonderful thing with all of Usborne Books & More’s books, if anything should ever happen to your lovely book (toddlers, cats, dogs or guinea pigs)¬†then you can take advantage of the 1/2 Price Lifetime replacement policy.

We have not read the whole book yet, but I know this one will be a new favorite soon that ¬†we will read over and over again ‚̧



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Also here is today’s special ! These specials are company wide but change every few days. I often forget to check them and some days you can really catch some amazing deals, so these will be part of *feature fridays* as well to showcase every so often ūüėȬ†Click¬†here¬†to see today’s specials !!


{Usborne Books & More} Intro 2

My first¬†12 weeks¬†with Usborne have just flown by. I have learnt so much in those 30 days and my love for books has grown and our inventory has grown immensely as well . My kids are beyond excited to finally have such a great supply of books again. After our move it has been such a change, and I so thankful what this company has offered us. I thrilled about the possibilities to work with our community, charities and kids in general.. things I have always been wanting to do and now I can do them, the way I want. The library is being difficult about volunteering ( because I would like to bring my kids/ homeschooling you know etc. )¬† and they can’t allow it. Which I find incredibly silly, since my kids would read anyways. But I understand policies are policies.

I am sharing lots of fun news and updates about the books on a special facebook fanpage, so make sure you check in here¬†once in a while. Every Friday¬†I will *feature* a special book or book series there and hopefully in the feature do giveaways and special deals and tons of other stuff ! I have so many fun ideas ! It’s an exciting time and I am thankful that it keeps my mind busy and away from our renovations a little ūüôā

Have you heard of Usborne Books & More ? – I am still “shocked ” to meet so many here and there, that have never heard of us, but also even more thrilled when I can tell them all the wonderful and exciting things about the books. It’s like a whole new (book)world. lol. ¬†In the last 30 days I have come across so many wonderful books in our inventory that I didn’t even realize where part of our inventory . With Kane Miller being part of Usborne Books, the inventory is seriously huge ( nearly 2.000 titles) !!

I will do my best to also feature many books on here as well and I would love, love, love to know which one of you is an ” Usborne Newbie” or an ” Usborne Old-Timer” ūüôā ! Or if you are curious about a book, maybe I could feature it next Friday ?? TELL ME BELOW !!

I¬†will be back on Friday with some fun Usborne book features ! So stay tuned and don’t forget to stop by¬† Julia’s Book Corner !!

Here is a picture of the box I received when I first signed up with Usborne Books & More. It was a great value and we love every and each book ! If you want to learn more about becoming a consultant ( we could be team mates !!! ) or just want to check out the amazing inventory follow me this way please¬†ūüôā

12821525_10153444987387361_5196833739004792728_n (1).jpg





books,more books , USBORNE BOOKS !

Hello again,

life has been busy. ( I think I start every blog post like this, lately lol) When we thought of moving to Oregon, we thought of slower life.. but lately that does not seem to be the case. Often I wonder, if my husband and I are just not made for that anyways, lol.

But I do have some awesome news tonight. Our move to Oregon had so many changes and a very bitter one for us, that we had to say goodbye to many of our favorite bookstores.We went to our book stores at least once a week in Texas, hit several libraries weekly and still shopped online for books. What can I say, we love books and we can not live without them.

I have been wanting to join USBORNE BOOKS & MORE for years, but never felt it was the right time. Now a good friend of mine had joined as well and invited me into her awesome team. I finally get to share my love for books and reading to kids in more ways than I could have dreamed of. I can help schools, organisations and so many kids¬†in general to get books . I am excited about this journey and so are my kids, because I will have a great way to keep us supplied with books ‚̧ We have used these books for many years, and even with our curriculum Moving beyond the page, some are required. Many other homeschool curriculum use them as well, and they are just so fun, well made and unique ! I am thrilled to be featuring new books, post about some of our specials and just give you an idea about all the awesome titles Usborne & books and more carries ! If you are curious check out the website or contact me for more info !

See you soon !