For the first year we have chosen a light curriculum to get us started. Since I was just getting an idea of all the curriculum out there and only knew about half of it, it was still very hard to chose. We decided to go with a more secular curriculum which is still sometimes a harder task in the homeschool world. Now that we are almost done with the first year my choices have gotten a lot bigger, I have gotten to know so many more awesome programs, curriculums etc. There are so many choices it is just amazing and so fun to choose the right now.

But let’s get back to what we have been using for year one. Just a quick introduction with links for some more info for whoever might be interested.

Horizon  Math | English Phonics & Reading

It was important to us to find some good math and English curriculums. My daughter didn’t necessarily struggle with anything instead is ahead when it comes to reading for example. In math I thought she was doing very well, but it turned out she had some basic problems and I am so glad we got to slow down at the beginning and find out what was really going on. I was never told that she was struggling during school hours, sometimes cried when she couldn’t to the math problems. HORIZON is a Christian based curriculum, but the parts we chose were just fine with us. So we chose MATH Grade 2 and Phonics and Reading.

Story of the world | History

Scott foresman Science Grade 2 | Science

Beginning Geography Evan more k-2  | Geography| Social Studies


Various books from Germany. Violin books and Xylophone


Rosetta stone | Planetino

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