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Hello again,

life has been busy. ( I think I start every blog post like this, lately lol) When we thought of moving to Oregon, we thought of slower life.. but lately that does not seem to be the case. Often I wonder, if my husband and I are just not made for that anyways, lol.

But I do have some awesome news tonight. Our move to Oregon had so many changes and a very bitter one for us, that we had to say goodbye to many of our favorite bookstores.We went to our book stores at least once a week in Texas, hit several libraries weekly and still shopped online for books. What can I say, we love books and we can not live without them.

I have been wanting to join USBORNE BOOKS & MORE for years, but never felt it was the right time. Now a good friend of mine had joined as well and invited me into her awesome team. I finally get to share my love for books and reading to kids in more ways than I could have dreamed of. I can help schools, organisations and so many kids in general to get books . I am excited about this journey and so are my kids, because I will have a great way to keep us supplied with books ❤ We have used these books for many years, and even with our curriculum Moving beyond the page, some are required. Many other homeschool curriculum use them as well, and they are just so fun, well made and unique ! I am thrilled to be featuring new books, post about some of our specials and just give you an idea about all the awesome titles Usborne & books and more carries ! If you are curious check out the website or contact me for more info !

See you soon !





Greetings from somewhere – Book review

The kiddos have been reading a lot again lately. For the first time, in a long time, we are even keeping a reading log and they both have filled their pages continuously.


One serious that we picked without knowing what we were really getting into, was ” Greetings from somewhere”. 

I love stumbling on great books, especially series, that I had no idea even existed.

Who would have thought that this family is actually a homeschool family ? The parents in the book are travel journalists, a photographer and a writer and they have taken the kids out of school to travel around the world.  My girls were so thrilled, since books about homeschooled children are still in the minority. Several of these books fitted perfectly in some of the studies we did with Moving beyond the page as well. They visit places in  Africa, travel to VeniceParis and the Coral Reefs in Australia and many more.

Both my 9 and 6 year old enjoyed these. They were a quick read of about 100-115 pages. There are some bigger pictures on some of the pages as well though and they are written in an easy to read style. Perfect for kids that just started reading on their own, beginner readers, or older kids that still enjoy this style and just want to have fun reading.


In all the books, the kids travel to a different city and explore it together with their parents. In each one they encounter a mystery and have to find a way to solve it. Again, both my girls love a little mystery while learning about different cultures, history, and geography !

Our library had several in stock, but I think I will try to add these to our personal library as well 🙂