Movie time with Moving beyond the page

If you have been following me, or reading about Moving Beyond the Page elsewhere ( the curriculum we primarily use) than you know that it is literature based. Throughout the levels your children get exposed to some amazing literature, a lot of them beautiful classic children’s novels that have stood the test of time.

I am a book lover and so are my children, but we love a well made movie as well.  I have tried to teach my children to always read the actual book first, if there is a movie out already. Often as a little reward they get to watch the movie afterwards, and their excitement and anticipation is so much bigger than with any other movies we just watch. It is exciting to me to hear their opinions, to see if their imagination was similar to what was shown in the movies and if they think the movie did the book justice. For example when my oldest first started reading Harry Potter.  I simply just had to sigh a little and nod in agreement when my daughter realized how much of Harry Potter they just had to cut out from the books to make the movies possibly. I know she loved the movies, and was amazed, but I know the books hold more treasures for her than the movies can ever show.

With MBTP you will come across many books that have been turned into a movie. And in some of the units you will be asked to watch the movie with your children, possibly write a comparison or opinion about the movie itself. I have not seen every one of these, and especially with movies, I google a lot to read some reviews and opinions. If there is some concern I obviously watch the movies before my kids get to see them. Just like with everything else, everyone needs to make their own decision if these movies are appropriate for their child.


Level 5-7

  •  How the Grinch stole Christmas

Level 6-8

  • Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day 2014
  • Pecos Bill

Level 7-9

  • Charlotte’s Web
  • The Whipping Boy
  • Sarah, Plain and Tall

Level 8-10

  • The sign of the beaver
  • Little house in the big woods ( TV show)
  • The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe
  • The BFG
  • Ben and Me
  • Holes
  • Mrs. Frisby and the rats of NIMH
  • Able’s Island ( short cartoon)

Old cartoon, might not be available anymore for purchase.

Level 9-11

  • Tall tales
  • My side of the Mountain
  • The Cay
  • Lucy Whipple
  • A wrinkle in Time ( in production)

Some info about the older movie here.

Some info about the older movie here. (Lucy Whipple )


Exciting news about the new movie here.

Level 10-12

  • The Giver
  • Tuck Everlasting
  • Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry

Info about the movie from 1978 here, I could not find it on amazon for purchase but you might get lucky on YouTube.

Level 11-13

  • The Pearl (relatively bad reviews on this one, unfortunately )
  • The Hobbit
  • The Little Prince ( coming out 2016)

Level 12-14

  • Animal Farm
  • Watership Down
  • The Book thief
  • The adventures of Huckleberry Finn

DISCLOSURE: I may be an affiliate for products that I recommend. If you purchase those items through my links I will earn a commission. You will not pay more or less when buying a product through my link, but you will help us to continue our wonderful journey of homeschooling, which we thank you for !

Questions and answers for using Moving beyond the page



We have been using MBTP for quite some time now ( we did all of of 5-7, working on 6-8, some of 7-9, all of 8-10, and working on 9-11 with my oldest) and I often find myself answering a lot of questions and helping people with choosing if the curriculum is right for them. In the end I tell most people, unless you try it, you will probably not find out. But there are a few things to consider in making the first steps of figuring out if the curriculum is worth considering.  Now is a good time to consider buying a test unit. The spring fling will be happening more than likely in early spring time again and maybe, just maybe you have might up your mind by then if you want to order a whole year set and will be able to take advantage of the 10%. We would greatly appreciate if you order through our blog , it will not cost you anything extra, you are only helping another homeschool family out continuing our adventure of learning.

  • What is a literature based curriculum ?

A literature-based curriculum uses mainly “living books”. Books that are fun, engage your child in a real story instead of a textbook. You might find that you already own a lot of these books, a lot of classics are included in the wonderful selection for each level as well as many fun, historical fiction books.

(Historical fiction tells a story that is set in the past. That setting is usually real and drawn from history, and often contains actual historical persons, but the principal characters tend to be fictional. Writers of stories in this genre, while penning fiction, attempt to capture the manners and social conditions of the persons or time(s) presented in the story, with due attention paid to period detail and fidelity.)
My kids are bookworms and have been independent readers from early on, so this curriculum fits our needs very well and we have truly enjoyed just about every book. After all it is still a box curriculum though. A box curriculum is designed for many, many children all at the same time. It will not suit everybody and just because it is right for us does not mean it will be right for you.

You can find more about what  a literature based curriculum is here.


  • My child is still a slow reader ? Will this mean this curriculum will be a bad fit for us ?

Not at all. In the younger levels most often you are still encouraged to read the books with your child. Read aloud, talk and answer questions about the book together, simply share time together while learning. This way you also encourage and teach your child to study independently in the later levels, starting 9-11 the curriculum is directly addressed towards the student. Some parents still choose to read aloud during many of the later studies just because it is fun and builds a great connection between you and your children,it works wonderfully too, when you have multiple children doing the same level.

  • The daily lesson plan seems too much ! How can we make this work with all our extra activities ?

Even though Moving beyond the page offers a lesson plan for the whole year level I have talked to many people that just feel overwhelmed by it and have to tweak it. When I first opened the curriculum books, i felt overwhelmed myself and it took me a little while to make it right for us.  I have found that with most “box curriculum” you have to tweak it a little here or there, after all it was ” mass designed ” by someone else for many other people. I now plan once a week, read through the next 5-6 lessons ahead and see what activities seem right for us, and which we might just skip.  I have found that MBTP offers a good variety of different activities in each lesson, but not each one is a must and there is sometimes a bit too much repetition for us.

Then there is another way. You simply do not have to choose the whole years worth. The curriculum works well as a supplemental curriculum, or simply unit studies. You could easily pick and choose a few units ( even let your children pick) and just do those. Remember the beauty of homeschooling is that you can pick and choose. You can make it right for your family. Every one is different so there is never a one fits all solution.

  • Can I do levels with multiple, different aged children ?

Absolutely. Each level has a suggested age range, like 6-8, 8-10 and so on. Most often kids  will fit into the suggested  level. Reading can easily be done together in a group and many activities are enagging and fun for younger kids as well.  Most often if you follow the guided age suggestion and possibly do the placement test you will figure out if it will work .
Also many activities in the lessons have options. You can make it easier or harder. You can have your younger child work on an easier version than your older one, but they will still both have the benefit of learning from each other.

  • I see a lot writing activities , worksheets and worry my child will not enjoy it ?

It all depends on you and how you will use the curriculum. Each lesson has a wide option of activities, some that might just be suggestions or little task for your area, like go outside to the park and find different types of habitats. Another day the activity will encourage you to go to the zoo, or go interview somebody in the community. Then there will be “worksheets” that go  along with the subjects, but they are often different than your average worksheets. They often require a little talk, additional discussion and inspiration to get your child started.  Also you will train your child towards independent research online. Many of these things were a big change for us at the beginning of homeschooling in general  (especially for my child that spend two years in public school) , but over time and a bit of guidance she learnt to work more fluently and independent on her own.

During some units you will come upon some really big activities (go to the Zoo, go to the beach, go to the museum )  that might just require a day of ” vacation”. Often this might not fit into your schedule at all, but it has opened us up to do more ” fun stuff” in general and we try to just make time. Some activities seemed ordinary at first and I thought about skipping them, but then when I thought about it a bit more I found that we so often do not pay attention to the little things and this activity will actually , really let us focus on THAT particular thing we are trying to learn, like going to the zoo and just watch one certain type of animals or even try to arrange a meeting with a zookeeper and have a long discussion.
Back in Texas we went to the Zoo every few months ,going to just see the birds for example seemed “ordinary” but how often do we end up at the zoo, try to do it all and are not able to give each animal its special attention ? How often do you go and really just watch the “hawks” for 30 minutes and try to study just them  ?

Sometimes there will be activities when you  are supposed to literally “interview” people. I am a shy person myself and honestly  often would just rather avoid conversation with strangers. These activities have gotten us out of our little bubble. They have brought us closer to our community and let my children even be in charge. We have not always been able to interview people for every subject suggested of course, but so often once we thought about finding the right person we were surprised who we found that could participate and have great information.  For example, when my little one asked one of our librarians back in Texas what he did in his job, if he enjoyed , what made him become a librarian etc…. She had the biggest and proudest smile on her face and still often talks about this little activity.

When we don’t find a matching person, there are always options. There are many books that describe people with different jobs, cultural backgrounds or experiences. Sometimes we even get lucky and find a great video on YouTube about it.

There are many ways you can make the curriculum flexible and very hands on.

  • My child is still struggling with writing in general. Can we make it work ?

Many studies show that especially for younger children, narrating and dictation are great tools for learning. If your child struggles at the beginning to form her own stories try to come up with ideas on how to make it easier. We use a white board or chalk board and often brain storm. Some activities in the younger levels only require a few words, while others might encourage your child to come up with a whole story. When we struggle with ideas we grab our pencils and colors and just try to make the lesson fun.


If you are ever curious about the curriculum, feel free to write me or the company itself, directly. I am only an affiliate with them and do not work  for them and do not necessarily earn much for anything I write about the curriculum, unless you click on the little links and actually order something.  But we have honestly enjoyed most of our time with it and I feel good about sharing our adventure and telling others about the curriculum itself. Everyone is different though and just like homeschooling itself, not everyone will like it. In the end you know your child and family best and can make the decision. I am only another homeschool mom, sharing our time of learning and living. If you are a little more curious about trying it, you can always order a test unit, try it and see if this will work out at all, instead of spending your money on a whole year level !

So long and as always, 

Happy Homeschooling


Holes Concept 3 8-10

Holes has been a unit my daughter had her eyes on, since we started with the 8-10 level. I had again never read the book, and could not quite imagine what story was waiting for us. The geology, the science part that goes along with this unit looked very promising and fun as well. It comes with its special little science kit and you will do multiple tests, labs, experiments throughout this unit. Once again we had many opportunities to all work on things together, her little 5-year-old sister had plenty of moments to observe along with her, go on a rock hunt and big sister even let her help discover the skeleton of the T- Rex.




The book ” Holes ” was a great story. I was not sure how my daughter would react to the feel of the book at first, the whole idea of “bad kids” at a camp being punished for things. There is a little bit of violence in the book ( hitting, kicking, a few guns etc with the mention of the wild west ) but we had no problems with it at all, I guess my little girl is really growing up. She surprised me many times again, with her wonderful insight and great ideas. As we were discussing the final project, to make a better camp for juvenile kids, she instantly had wonderful ideas how kids could be helped. We have not started with it yet, and I was nearly set on skipping the final project here, but with her wonderful ideas it would be a shame to do so… This weekend we will also watch the movie ” holes” which is currently available on Netflix 😉

Our geology studies were great fun throughout this unit. We started with cookie mining !



We learnt lots about rocks and minerals and another activity that surprised me as being fun, was reading through all the labels in our pantry ! She sat there for multiple hours and dug through the whole, entire pantry !! She was amazed about what we are eating and shares her facts with us nearly daily now !



Above are some of the rocks and minerals that come with the science kit. I would loved it to be even more rocks, even though we already had some from other kits we still wished for more to just really be able to do the experiments better and have a wider variety. I found some great rock kits on amazon and I will be ordering some for her birthday in the summer. She had such great fun with this unit that I know she will be happy to pick it back up again.

This is an amazing series of books, which we have gotten from the library. It is fun and brings science to life !

Overall there are many great kits available on amazon. I will update this after I have chosen another one and we have tested it. For now it looks like I will be ordering another one of these.
ROCK & MINERAL COLLECTION Kit with 2 Easy Break Geodes Activity KIt with Over 150+PCS Comes with Identification Sheet EDUCATIONAL DISCOVERY TREASURE KIT SORT, FIND, IDENTIFY

Of course we also got to break our geode. She was a little disappointed to see how little the geode was and the size also made it harder to actually break it. Again, I plan on buying a few more to let her try it again and maybe get a better chance at finding a colored one. Ours was white, and still very beautiful.


We had multiple activities that called for lots of outdoor time. Unfortunately our weather her in Texas has been very awkward for our state lately and we have had rain, rain and more rain. We still ventured out a few times and had a great time collecting and hunting for rocks. Our great exploration to an actual Fossil park will have to wait until better weather though.



Some of our crystal experiments did not work this time, but we got some amazing sugar crystals !


Working on different fossil types. We learnt about imprint, cast and mold fossils !



This was the T-Rex dig !! It was a lot of fun for them, the spent two days outside just working away on it !


We love the variety of activities throughout Moving beyond the page. You really learn in so many ways. Cooking is a favorite of my daughters and she loves learning about culture, history and food al at the same time. Here we made Katherine Barlow’s famous spiced peaches !!
Ps: Here is another fun site to go along with Kate.

So as you can see, this Unit kept us very busy ! I didn’t feel like it was a very difficult unit, and it was fun and easy to go through and along with all the activities. Sometimes some units feel like they have an intense work load, or just way too much to read. But the chapters in HOLES are short and sweet and easy to read. My daughter actually finished the book on her own at some point, because she was too excited and just could not wait. The Geology rocks is a wonderful book, that will be kept in the library for a very, very long time. Many more experiments that can be done at a later point, just for fun !

So if you are curious about this level of Moving beyond the page, the Unit HOLES and the Geology can be found in the 8-10 level here. You can buy them both separately and both can be done independently but they are so much fun together !

Forces of Nature Final Project Unit 3 | Concept 2

We finished the project for the science Unit, the Forces of Nature. My daughter picked to make her presentation with Powerpoint. It was one of her first times working with Powerpoint but I was amazed how quickly she understood the concept and was able to use it well on her own. This was definitely a great learning experience for her and I think we will use Powerpoint more often from now on for other things as well.

I’m not sure how to include Powerpoint presentation in the blog but hopefully it works 🙂 She spent too much time and effort on this not to share it with everyone ! As long as you have POWERPOINT installed on your device, I guess you should be able to view the file 🙂


The BFG ( part 2 ) Unit 3 | Concept 2

Last week our little adventure with the The BFG ended already. Sometimes it amazes me how fast we zoom through these lessons. This was seriously an incredible fun unit and another book I was just as excited to read as my daughter was.  Roald Dahl has written so many wonderful books, including Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and James and the Giant Peach, just to name a few others. I know we will end up adding many more from him to our library.
I have already posted a little about the BFG before, when we started the unit the other week ( see here ) and we really enjoyed having our giant in our room,I will be so sad to see him leave. It was worth the extra time and will hopefully keep me creative for more little  things for our adventure room.

So what did we do during this unit ?

We got to explore and study England and especially London a little bit. After our trip to London last year, it was fun visiting again through the story. A short introduction how the British government is different from the US government was also very interesting and I felt that it was brought to us in a great way that we could easily understand it.

In another activity we learnt about the giants favorite drink. This must have been by far my daughters favorite chapter. She laughed so much, just reading about Frobscottle and Whizzpoppers. When I told her we would actually try to make some, she was of course once again very excited. We had a little trouble finding the raspberry syrup, but we opted for frozen raspberries instead. We also made the cold version and added some ice cream so that it almost ended up being a milkshake root beer float kind of drink… It would be awesome in the summer months !!

The book itself handles multiple different themes, one of them being  dreams. For this we  got to create our own  dreams in different ways and also had a great chance to talk about nightmares, which was a great conversation starters to talk about some subjects that can be rather difficult. We even talked about symbolizing dreams and how there are ways scientists say you can influence your own dreams.

Reading through the book we collected many great quotes from the big friendly giant, I believe some of those will stick with us forever, and make us laugh out loud in days to come. Overall this unit was a lighter unit. It was heavy on the creative side, more drawing, creating but a bit less writing, which is totally okay every so often.

Along with the BFG went science, or more specific an introduction into physics and the laws of nature. We learnt about gravity, pressure and motion. We discovered Newtons’ laws and met some other wonderful scientists that changed our world. We had a lot of additions to our timeline !

We managed to accomplish quite a few experiments and had some very fun afternoons. Our favorites were playing with marbles ( we remembered the old school marble game which went along perfect with the study) and the balloon rocket was also extreme fun !

The Alka-Seltzer pressure experiment towards the end of the unit was our icing on the cake 😉

If you would like to check out these units, look here . As always thanks for stopping by and we hope you enjoyed exploring with us !

( soon you can add the new movie to end this super fun lesson)







IMG_20150228_165649_rewind IMG_20150228_171212_rewind

The BFG | Unit 3 | Concept 2

Last week we started the one of the books we have been most excited about BFG. I really love it that we get to discover these books together, since I have read a lot more “European authors” as a child, I get to discover some of the American authors and literature with her. The classics are also so different from most modern aged books. Something more magical when you get to read a book that has been around for a long time and has been loved by thousands of kids before. Of course the BFG isn’t really that old yet, but still, we have been excited to learn about the friendship of Sophie and her big friendly Giant.

When we start a new unit, I always try to look ahead a little and see what things are coming up and if there will be anything special that I need to get before the lessons. Most often it is mentioned at the beginning of the units, but I like to prepare a bit more, write down the lessons on a separate piece of paper for filing and lesson tracking. Clearly not necessary but it gives me something to do and I do feel like it helps me with my day-to-day planning.
Anyway,one of the first activities was a vocabulary paper. A figure of a giant and labels to cut out and sort and match the words accordingly. It looked fun, but I thought since we are going to be talking about a GIANT why not make things a little bigger.
So, I started tracing the body parts of the giant on bigger paper and cut each of them out and taped them to the wall. Then I wrote down the definitions onto the giant and the matching words on separate pieces of paper and cut those out… Voilà !!

The girls loved it and were very excited when they saw the big giant on the door. I am pretty sure he will stay a while 🙂


The Power of people day III

We had a lot of fun this week talking about some very famous people. I know my kids truly enjoyed learning about them, and they have asked so many more great questions about many of them and also if we could take some trips to all these amazing museums that we stumbled upon.

On day three, we learnt about

  • Thomas Edison

I found a short little info about him with a nice coloring page to go with for our wall. Then I also found a fun little video by the “storybots” on YouTube !

  • The Wright brothers

Another fun coloring page with a short info for the wall.

And here are some videos to choose from

  • Albert Einstein

We found this super fun craft ! We haven’t made it yet, but I hope we get at a later time. It just looks fun and so easy 😉

Here is a nice Biography to add to the wall .

and last, here is a video about Albert Einstein


I hope you enjoyed some of these tips and actually found them helpful. I know as we go on through the coming years and levels with MBTP, some of these famous people will get a lot more attention, but I thought this was a very fun way to start learning about them.


Anyways this wraps up our current unit.. and we are off to the BFG and Physics next !!


The Power of People day II (8-10)

After looking into these lessons for the social studies I decided to expand it all a little bit more. So many great people and I found lots of great little extra activities.

So here is day two of famous people

Harriet Tubman

interactive website

and a great little carton (30mins long ) on youtube

Amelia Earhart

short video

And for #3 Susan b. Anthony

and a short, fun video clip

Our little wall after day 2


We also had great fun, building some paper airplanes and testing our theories which one would fly best !

The Power of people ( civil rights ) 8-10

We are wrapping up our second unit in concept 2, ” the lion, the witch and the wardrobe ” together with ” the Power of people ” for the social studies.
At the beginning I thought this unit for the social studies would rather be a bit dry and boring but it turns out, it was really fun. We had a lot of great links for YouTube that were already given through MBTP and I also supplemented with a few extra  work pages and links I had found. I believe the library will also still come in handy in the next few days.

Last night I found several great links I would like to share for this unit. I made the list of people we will have to research for the next few days, some people from world history and quite a few from American history…

The first link gets you to a fun print out, for several historic people. I ended up clearing a wall in our “adventure room” for all the civil rights activists…

Here is a picture of the first part of our civil rights leader wall 🙂

Tomorrow we will be adding a few more t the wall 🙂

8-10 Little house in the big woods

I must apologize for blogging some of our units rather later and out-of-order. Life has been busy and I have not been able to blog consistently but a great thing about Moving beyond the page is also, that you do not have to do the Concepts in order for them to “work”. Using the social studies and science studies along with the matching literature unit however does make perfect sense, because you learn so much through the relating subjects and learning really seems easier that way.
Little house in the big woods, is the first literature unit in 8-10 and together with learning about Pioneers you learn about nature, soil and natural resources. We conducted a lot of fun experiments alone for these units, learnt about trees and plants, and went on a lot of nature walks and collected leaves and other things.

During studies with Moving beyond the page the kids will learn how to independently do their own research. We have several websites we use, for example, Wikipedia of course, and most often YouTube. I have made playlists on YouTube where I save everything that fits into our study units, so I can tell the kids to go ahead and watch those certain videos on their own.
Here is a link to the Playlist I created for the 8-10 Little house in the big woods unit along with the Science subjects it gives you a glimpse at some of the other studies that follow along. The first video link will take you to the whole playlist. And the second one just shows one of our favorite videos, a family showing and explaining how to make maple syrup. This comes up every week now when we eat pancakes and seriously made us wish to live in the North 😉

I love that MBTP is really hands on, so many times you will have to leave the cozy nest for nature walks or special cooking projects or you even get told to do research at the park or zoo.
Here we copied a delicious recipe by Laura Ingalls and made Maple Bars and then followed to make our own pancakes.



One of the many nature walks, together with a paper where we compared seasons in Texas to Laura’s area, Wisconsin.IMG_6217


And another experiment, chlorophyll extraction…